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Create safety through automated regulatory compliance

 Let Inphiz become the communication hub, where feedback on the right actions and self-service in the Inphiz app creates 100% compliance. Get rid of the complicated work that creates overhead, fines and risks. Inphiz makes it easy for the organization to take control of the compliance work.

Inphiz makes safety and compliance easy

Our app and dashboard for organizations with many "non-desk workers" in the field is a modern service that simplifies communication, creates automatic actions and follow-ups, and ensures that the entire organization meets all the industry's regulatory requirements. Whether you work in the construction industry, with waste management or with logistics, Inphiz ensures that your employees are compliant with minimal effort.



Streamline communication with multiple channels in one and the same application. 



Ensure that all employees have the correct certificates and authorizations to carry out their work.


Feedback & actions

Create actions on important events and follow up with feedback from employees


For a Delighted Employee Experience

Easy to use and reliable, Inphiz is built for mobile-first workers, created by organizations with hybrid workforces. It shows you everything you need to know to work with quality, safety and takes you to the information flow you need.

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Need to be more government, get your information flow more straightforward, and work smarter with your employee's skills? Read our White Paper and kickstart your digitalization journey.


Lean and accessible communication gives a one-stop-shop for increased employee engagement, productivity, so your business alignment gives greater attention without cultural boundaries.

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Your compliance drives us 

Right skills, awareness are proving exemplary safety at your daily business for all mobile-first workers. Inphiz transform your frontline organization to be healthy and follow compliance and regulations.

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Reduce data and
accelerate control

Your mobile-first workers can plan their day in a digitalized way that works with your overall plans. Plus, you can add easy reporting back. As a manager you can, have 360 degrees works insights from a lean dashboard.

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“Inphiz saves administrative time. We can allocate much more responsibility to the employee, while at the same time control and safety increase manifold".

Magnus Pålgård
Pålgård & Söner Kran AB


"You don't need to do the ROI calculation, the RPA-project is a good investment and increases our bottom-line"

Pelle Bjurenborg
Urbaser, Sweden


"Vibrant information one fingertip away."

Stefan Dedler
Merck Group


"Everything you need, just in time."

Therese Hjälmner
Alektum Group


"The Inphiz framework is the missing link."

Richard Lind

Customer Case
Oleter Group

Automation of compliance, engagement, and work safety


The Oleter Group includes six different brands, over 50 subsidiaries, and around 2000 employees who offer complete solutions for claims, industrial, and real estate services. Through collaboration with Inphiz Professional services, they have automated information flow and competence management to meet regulations with complete control.

“Inphiz has helped us automate business, which has freed up time for business development. We have a good overview of organization data, skills, certificates, and permits for all employees in real-time without effort. We can guarantee the right competence in our customer deliveries and follow established regulations safely and intelligently.”

- Henrik Olsson, CIO Oleter Group AB

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1000 x 667 Merck Case
Customer Case
Merck KGaA

A Vibrant Case

Merck, a German multinational pharmaceutical,
chemical and life sciences company headquartered in Darmstadt, with around 50,000 employees in around 70 countries.

When we first met Merck at a conference in Frankfurt back at the end of 2015, their biggest challenge was how to increase the speed and agility of 50,000 employees.

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