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We make safety and compliance easy

Save time through automation and get full control over compliance with regulatory requirements in a safe and simple way.
Inphiz makes your entire organization perform better, with clear requirements that provide security for everyone.


Inphiz makes your daily work easy

Inphiz simplifies your daily work and makes your employees perform better, together. Inphiz is the modern platform for employee engagement and compliance, created for small and large companies that want to work more smoothly and securely. With Inphiz, you give your organization the opportunity to focus on what really makes a difference to the success of your company and your employees.

Why Inphiz?

With Inphiz, you create the right conditions for engagement, security and job satisfaction for all your employees.

Inphiz is developed in close collaboration with partner customers. Through a large number of interviews with key roles from C-level, KMA to operational leaders on the "floor", who are responsible for the company being run according to the laws and regulations and own routines that exist, we have learned very deeply about the industries we work with and identified 6 main challenges and how we can solve them.



Communication spread over several channels

Today we have several communication channels that we use, SMS, email, whiteboard, WhatsApp, i.e. everyone does it in their own way. The routines around communication are usually deficient and security means that we do not know what is spread outside the company's walls.


Super easy communication - ONE place

Communicating with each other is made easy in Inphiz in the groups you are part of. Communication when forward and what is expected to be read by you as an employee. Management and operations managers always know that an important message has been read and/or if the latest policy or governing document has been confirmed.


Information is not updated

Finding, managing and distributing information about certificates, certificates and authorizations regarding our staff is time-consuming. It creates a barrier in the access to information but also that it is not updated.


Governed by regulations for everyone

We have removed the barrier through automation and automatic management of rules and laws that apply to the business. The result is that compliance in the areas set up in Inphiz is up-to-date.


A desert or jungle of data

Which information you want to see depends on your profession, industry and team room. Most systems display either too much or too little information. Relevance is a big problem.


Structured for you

Inphiz adapts to laws and regulations as well as the organization's preferences, the systematic environmental work becomes digital and only shows relevant information. If you feel particularly geeky, you can also create your own requirements and routines so that they are also followed.


Lack of overview

Even if you have succeeded in getting your employees into a system, there is often a lack of a clear overview. The user becomes confused and finds it difficult to find and may not even have access to their own data to update with quality.


Clear visualization

Today we have several communication channels that we use, SMS, email, whiteboard, WhatsApp, i.e. everyone does it in their own way. The routines around communication are usually deficient and security means that we do not know what is spread outside the company's walls.

Up and running in no time

Implementing a system for communication or competence management and compliance with laws and regulations is often complex, requires changes in routines and puts the organization under pressure and may not even include non-desk workers? With Inphiz, you don't need to change your routines at all, we use already processed information and digitize the current flows - it's not more difficult than that.


For a Delighted Employee Experience

Easy to use and reliable, Inphiz is built for mobile-first workers, created by organizations with hybrid workforces. It shows you everything you need to know to work with quality, safety and takes you to the information flow you need.

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Download Inphiz whitepaper

Need to be more government, get your information flow more straightforward, and work smarter with your employee's skills? Read our White Paper and kickstart your digitalization journey.


Lean and accessible communication gives a one-stop-shop for increased employee engagement, productivity, so your business alignment gives greater attention without cultural boundaries.

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Your compliance drives us 

Right skills, awareness are proving exemplary safety at your daily business for all mobile-first workers. Inphiz transform your frontline organization to be healthy and follow compliance and regulations.

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Reduce data and
accelerate control

Your mobile-first workers can plan their day in a digitalized way that works with your overall plans. Plus, you can add easy reporting back. As a manager you can, have 360 degrees works insights from a lean dashboard.

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"Inphiz spar tid för administrationen. Vi kan fördela mycket mer ansvar på medarbetaren. Samtidigt som kontrollen och säkerheten ökar mångfalt".


Magnus PålgårdPålgård & Söner Kran AB

"Inphiz leverans har visat på så stora effekter att vi inte ens behöver beräkna ROI"


Pelle BjurenborgUrbaser, Sverige

"Vibrant information one fingertip away."


Stefan DedlerMerck Group

"Everything you need, just in time."


Therese HjälmnerAlektum Group

"The Inphiz framework is the missing link."


Richard LindMicrosoft

Customer Case
Oleter Group

Automation of compliance, engagement, and work safety


The Oleter Group includes six different brands, over 50 subsidiaries, and around 2000 employees who offer complete solutions for claims, industrial, and real estate services. Through collaboration with Inphiz Professional services, they have automated information flow and competence management to meet regulations with complete control.

“Inphiz has helped us automate business, which has freed up time for business development. We have a good overview of organization data, skills, certificates, and permits for all employees in real-time without effort. We can guarantee the right competence in our customer deliveries and follow established regulations safely and intelligently.”

- Henrik Olsson, CIO Oleter Group AB

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1000 x 667 Merck Case
Customer Case
Merck KGaA

A Vibrant Case

Merck, a German multinational pharmaceutical,
chemical and life sciences company headquartered in Darmstadt, with around 50,000 employees in around 70 countries.

When we first met Merck at a conference in Frankfurt back at the end of 2015, their biggest challenge was how to increase the speed and agility of 50,000 employees.

Download Inphiz White Paper to read more.


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