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Discover how Inphiz can help you solve your industry's most complex challenges, to check in real-time that regulatory requirements are being followed, and opportunities provided to work smarter and more automated.

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Specialists in industries with high requirements people compliance.

Data-driven models deliver 25-50% efficiency gains compared to traditional solutions.

Up to 30% cost savings compared to traditional solutions.

50% of the revenue is reinvested in R&D and mapping of regulatory requirements.

Over 50 people are partnered with product development and mapping of industry-specific requirements.

Highest information security and integrity for all handling of experience data with standardized models.

Why choose Inphiz?

Our passion for innovation and people, combined with over 10 years of experience in digital transformation and insights, makes Inphiz experts in solving some of the most complex problems for the many industries we serve.

Property remediation and environmental services

Inphiz ensures that collective employees without a computer always have the right authorizations when performing work. Based on industry-specific and regulatory requirements that apply, i.e., certificates, permits, and authorizations, KMA, HR, and the CEO can be 100% sure that regulatory compliance is followed. Direct action is given to everyone so that supervisors and collective employees with self-service solve risks together. The Inphiz dashboard gives the management a complete overview that regulatory compliance is achieved and what efforts lie ahead.

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Rule database Industry-specific

The Swedish Work Environment Authority's (AFS) requirements and other authorities' requirements are entered into the Inphiz rule database. Easy to add own experiences that are applied in the organization. 

AI and data-driven models

The management easily sees in the Inphiz dashboard with data-driven models a clear visualization of critical, necessary, and upcoming actions for the entire organization or parts of it, depending on permissions.

Simple and intuitive self-service

Simplicity, anyone can learn to manage Inphiz and get an overview of employee requirements, and thus the entire organization comes along, and via automation and self-service in the Inphiz app, the right tasks are distributed automatically.

Risk minimization for fines (viten) and damages

We minimize the risk that the company's employees are not authorized to perform in their job role, which in turn leads to fine/viten (AMV), insurance cases in the event of accidents or injuries are minimized, and we guarantee quick audits. 


Security and surveillance

A new standard for the private security industry.

Inphiz enables simple and cost-effective compliance towards authorities and law regulations and facilitates the onboarding process, staff management, and document storage. The platform creates a complete overview of all employees with detailed information and continuous notifications for necessary training or education efforts.

Inphiz lowers the costs for administration, creates simplicity for staff and organizational compliance, and makes the business perform better with effective management, distribution of resources, and simple communication.

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Inphiz makes it easy to control that your staff is certified and correctly trained, regardless of the profession or requirements in any security position. 


Inphiz simplifies the entire process for new recruitment and handles all necessary documents - e.g., policies, code of conduct, introductory training, or confidentiality agreement - all gathered in the same portal.

Staff management

Inphiz creates a complete overview for the organization's management of all employees, and ensures quality by assigning the right personnel to the right assignment.


Inphiz enables the organization to communicate at management, manager and employee level, to update work instructions, manage vacancies or share general information.

Environment and waste

Inphiz ensures that environmental workers have the right authorizations to perform the work based on industry-specific and regulatory requirements, i.e., certificates, permits, authorizations, and policies. KMA and CEO can be 100% sure that all renewals visually provide direct actions so that supervisors and employees resolve risks together via a self-service with the app. The Inphiz dashboard gives the management a complete overview that regulatory compliance is achieved and which competence supply efforts lie ahead.

We manage relevant data for increased employee engagement, risk minimization, and clear recommended actions to maximize performance in the following areas, production, staff, vehicle, and economy.

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Collect relevant data about the production, get a quick overview of the entire organization, and fast drill down to details about individual deviations. Making your company proactive, to meet your customers' requirements, and to optimize production.


Increase commitment with the staff, and improve both the working environment and the productivity of the environmental workers. Increase transparency and fairness in the labor law.


Optimize vehicle utilization and economy. Increase awareness of right and wrong idling, and improve Eco-driving, which results in lower fuel consumption and lower service costs. Increase security for staff and third parties.


Improve finances and increase activity with control label costs, eg, well-defined costs which your operation can affect.


Construction and contracting

Deliver construction projects safely with 100% people compliance. Gain more control through Inphiz automated solutions that improve productivity, quality, transparency, security and sustainability.

With the Inphiz Dashboard, you can easily get an overview and ensure that all employees have the right authorization and competence when the construction project is underway, as well as give your team the opportunity through the Inphiz self-service app to focus on what they do best.

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Total overview & compliance

Management of competencies and professional requirements to meet the regulations with full control, security, and overview. It reduces risks and creates security for the company.

Direct actions

Makes the difficult easy, automated flows with recommended actions for everyone in the organization reduce manual processes and information flows which in turn streamlines, frees up time, and saves money. 

More than just an app

With Inphiz you simplify daily work. Du can communicate easily within the organization, keep track of education and certificates, have access to important data and documents, and so on.

Lets the employee lead the process

With the Inphiz app, you let the employee himself lead the work and his career journey forward. Through self-leadership where automated tasks and educations are the focus to reach the goals.

Transport, port- & terminalhandling

With Inphiz, you get full control wherever you are! Through digitized processes, reduced administration, and fast communication, Inphiz creates a safer working environment and increases the commitment of crane drivers, operators, and administrative staff.

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Ooops, Can't find your industry?

Relax, Inphiz is a service that can be adapted to your own unique requirements, whether they are regulatory or basic in working. So regardless of whether you are a service-producing company or a manufacturing industry, Inphiz makes working with experiences easier and enables self-service. If you are also active in an industry for which we have prepared the statutory requirements from the Work Environment Agency, the Swedish Transport Agency, and the County Administrative Board, we will give you a 50% partner discount on Inphiz during your onboarding.

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"You don't need to do the ROI calculation, the RPA-project is a good investment and increase out bottom-line"


Per-Eric Bjurenborg, VD | Urbaser, Sweden

Learn more about Inphiz

Read how Inphiz can change the way you work and what advantages and values it brings to the business. Download in-depth information here.

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