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Make Inphiz work for you

Easy to use and reliable, Inphiz is built for mobile-first workers, created by organizations with hybrid workforces. It shows you everything you need to know to work with quality, safety and takes you to the information flow you need.

icon compliance

Manages regulatory
compliance in a simple way

icon productivity

Increases productivity with
automated processes

icon communication

Make communication easy
and accessible to everyone

icon onboarding

Ensures that new hires are
ready from day one and creates
structured master data


icon selfservice

Self service
Gives all employees the
opportunity to steer their
work in the right direction

Inphiz makes your daily work easy

Inphiz simplifies your daily work and makes your employees perform better, together. Inphiz is the modern service for employee engagement and compliance, created for small and large companies that want to work more smoothly and securely. With Inphiz, you give your organization the opportunity to focus on what really makes a difference to the success of your company and your employees.


Improve your company's compliance and competence management

Discover how Inphiz reduces risk and increases security by confirming that your workforce is 100% compliant and that their certificates and authorizations are up-to-date. Using automated compliance processes, it creates security for the entire organization. Read how to get rid of uncertainties within the organization with Inphiz.

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Difficult to reach your employees? Use Inphiz

Make sure your employees are informed wherever they are. Inphiz makes internal communication simple and accessible to everyone. Create a culture of collaboration and sharing, and make your workers feel heard and part of the conversation. Read more about how the difficult part of corporate communication becomes easy.

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Get feedback from your employees & automatic actions?

Through self-service and recommended actions, the employee receives a direct prompt in the app to, example renew certificates before it expire. Status and actions follow in real-time for employees, managers and, management who also have the opportunity to leave feedback, which contributes to increasing engagement, safety and, a better work environment.

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Find the right information faster with Inphiz AI

In a world driven by constant change and innovation, access to accurate and up-to-date information is critical to the success of a project. Leading players in several industries, for example the construction industry, recognize the importance of using state-of-the-art technology to streamline operations and reduce risks at workplaces. To tackle this, we have developed an innovative solution, an AI-as-a-Service (AlaaS) which is tailor-made protection to meet the unique requirements of each industry. Our AI service can quickly extract relevant information, reduce risk, increase the availability of information and improve overall productivity.

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Inphiz AI-Mar-25-2024-05-36-13-3694-PM

Mastering your master data in real-time and simplify your IT

Inphiz as a SaaS; with the third-party data breaks down silos and cut costs. It runs in your private Azure Tenant or Inphiz Multitenant solution, depending on what you need to optimize within your organization. Inphiz is integrated with Microsoft Azure Services and O365 and can be the all-in-one digitalization model to integrate both ways with any 3rd party solutions or your legacy applications.

  Open for integration - Open API-driven approach for faster adoption of new technologies, reduced costs and time to market, and better experience for the end-user.

  Inphiz Azure AD service manages your AD data in a smart, fast, and secure way with instant feedback to track changes. 

 AI-Readiness - Inphiz utilizes cognitive services to enable intelligent information flow and insights to optimize your business. 

 100% Cloud-readiness - We store your data in your private Azure tenant and-/or in our Inphiz secure cloud.

"You don't need to do the ROI calculation, the RPA-project is a good investment and increases our bottom-line"


Per-Eric Bjurenborg
CEO | Urbaser, Sweden

"The Inphiz framework is the missing link."


Richard Lind
Former CTO | Microsoft

"Vibrant information one fingertip away."


Stefan Dedler
Merck Group

"Everything you need, just in time."


Therese Hjälmner
Alektum Group

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