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Inphiz makes your business go on Autopilot. Your information worker meets the mobile-first workers, and they connect together. 


”The first impression lasts” - the first contact with an employee is your chance to nudge the employee to your business. 


Whether you are a manager or an employee, you are always up to date on all the skills needed to work with full confidence. 


Elevate an integrated
employee onboarding
to off-boarding

Superboost management
with control of your


Automate your learning
with self-leadership.

Ensure your compliance in

Unify your information with
no culture barriers. 

Accelerate your pace in
your operation.


We believe in the employee journey

”The first impression lasts” - the first contact with an employee is your chance to nudge the employee to your business. An understandable and straightforward onboarding process includes, e.g., working with competence, creating ICE contacts, policy approval, and creating user accounts in your people directory (e.g. Microsoft Azure AD).


Let your employees get acquainted with their new roles and make sure they are ready before their first day.  

Explore My Day

See what's up next for you and your employees.  This will help you keep your busy life organized every day.


We run the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) as a seamless experience in the app.


Provide a professional offboarding experience with Inphiz well-organized procedures.

App launcher

Boost your productivity. Get all your apps and digital work tools to your employees based on roles. 

Competence and beyond

In addition to managing people competencies and skills, we are taking this further and bring the future closer with self-managed leadership and personal achievements using great technology and provide a seamless employee user experience. 



Boost your competence management by automating role and career plans for your employees.

My Performance

Keep track of your achievements. In real-time, find out what is the next step for you and your employees.

Enterprise permissions

The smartest way to work with company permissions for the organization.

Compliance & regulations

Manage certificates, policies & procedures to ensure compliance with statutory regulations.

Competence Plans

Track your employees' progress and skills to develop and retain internal talents.


We make business communication easy

Lean and accessible communication gives a one-stop-shop for increased employee engagement, productivity, so your business alignment gives greater attention without cultural boundaries.

News, global to local updates

Stay in the know with the latest news from your organization.

Inphiz Talk

Share knowledge and socialize, all in one place.

Automated translation service

Manages more than 50 languages, easy to cooperate without cultural barriers.

Secure Chat

Secure chat for communication to whatever your business needs.

Push notifications

Get notification of your personal business activities,  real-time updates, and alerts.


Make critical and urgent announcements to a target audience and specific groups.

Mastering your Master Data in real-time and simplify your IT

Inphiz as a SaaS; with the third-party data breaks down silos and cut costs. It runs in your private Azure Tenant or Inphiz Multitenant solution, depending on what you need to optimize within your organization. Inphiz is integrated with Microsoft Azure Services and O365 and can be the all-in-one digitalization model to integrate both ways with any 3rd party solutions or your legacy applications.

Open for integration

Through an OPEN API-driven approach using the industry standards OPEN API. Benefits are faster adoption of new technologies, reduced cost and time to market, and great experiences to the end-user.


Inphiz utilizes cognitive services to enable intelligent information flows and insights to optimize your business. 

Inphiz Azure AD service

Helps you go from chaotic organizational and employee information to super smart management of Azure AD data, securely delegate to the right person to manage data rapidly with instant feedback to track changes.

100% Cloud-Readiness

We store your data in your private Azure Tenant and-/or in our Inphiz secure cloud. 


"The Inphiz framework is the missing link."


Richard Lind
Former CTO | Microsoft

"Vibrant information one fingertip away."


Stefan Dedler
Merck Group

"Everything you need, just in time."


Therese Hjälmner
Alektum Group

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