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The new standard for the private security industry

Discover how Inphiz helps the private security industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency through automation, self-service and with full control of organizational and people compliance.

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Easy to manage certificates, laws and regulations.

Inphiz lower the costs for administration, creates simplicity for staff and organizational compliance and makes the business perform better with effective management, distribution of resources and simple communication.


Enables an effective onboarding with document management and people compliance.

Guaranteed information security and integrity for all data according to the ISO 27000 standards.

Major savings through effective management and reduced administration.

All employees' certificates, experiences and competencies gathered in one service.

Security Companies

Inphiz enables simple and cost-effective compliance towards authorities and law regulations and facilitates the onboarding process, staff management and document storage. The platform creates complete overview of all employees with detailed information and continuous notifications for necessary training or education efforts.

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Inphiz makes it easy to control that your staff is certified and correctly trained, regardless of the profession or requirements in any security positions. When your organization needs to report its compliance to the government or the Police Authority, all necessary documentation is easily accessible and professionally structured in the platform.


Inphiz simplifies the entire process for staff recruitment and manages all necessary documents such as policies, code of conduct, initial training or confidentiality agreements. The employee facilitates document management by uploading certificates, qualifications and licenses - all by themselves, which saves resources from mid/top management and HR.


Staff Management

Inphiz creates a holistic overview for the organization of all employees, their experiences, education and qualifications. With this information, the business can ensure quality by assigning the right personnel to the right assignments.


Inphiz gives the organization possibilities to communicate from top management to employee level. Whether it's updates of instructions, managing vacancies or sharing general information - it can all be communicated in seconds. Through simple and effective communication, the business's resilience and ability to handle changes as well as to create employee relations are strengthened.


Learn more about Inphiz

Download in-depth information for companies within Security and surveillance. Read more about how Inphiz can improve the way you work more easily.

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