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Keep track of all regulations & reduce compliance risks

Discover how Inphiz helps companies in Claims Service, Industrial and Real Estate services to lower costs and increase efficiency through automation, self-service and with full control over regulatory requirements.

Bring the future closer with self-leadership

Inphiz ensures that collective employees without a computer always have the right authorizations when performing work. Based on industry-specific and regulatory requirements that apply, i.e., certificates, permits, and authorizations, KMA, HR, and the CEO can be 100% that regulatory compliance is followed. Direct action is given to everyone so that supervisors and collective employees with self-service solve risks together. The Inphiz dashboard provides the management with a complete overview that regulatory compliance is achieved and what efforts lie ahead.

Enables an effective onboarding with document management and people compliance.

Guaranteed information security and integrity for all data according to the ISO 27000 standards.

Major cost savings through effective management and reduced administration. 

All employees' certificates, experiences and competencies gathered in one service.

Industry-specific rule database

The Swedish Work Environment Authority's (AFS) requirements and other government requirements entered into the Inphiz rule database. Easy to add own experiences that are applied in the organization.

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AI and data-driven models

The management easily sees in the Inphiz dashboard with data-driven models, a clear visualization of critical, necessary and upcoming actions for the entire organization, or parts of it depending on permissions.

Simple and intuitive self-service

Simplicity, anyone can learn to manage Inphiz and get an overview of employee requirements. The entire organization comes along,g and via automation and self-service in the Inphiz app, the correct information is distributed automatically.

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Risk minimization for fines and damages

We minimize the risk that the company's employees are not authorized to perform in their job role, which in turn leads to fine/viten (AMV). Insurance cases in the event of accidents or injuries are minimized, and we guarantee quick audits. 


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