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Plan the right compliance actions easily

Inphiz ensures that environmental workers have the proper authority to perform work based on industry-specific and regulatory requirements, i.e., certificates, permits, authorizations, and policies.

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Maximize opportunities, minimize risks

KMA and the CEO can be 100% sure that all renewals visually provide direct actions so that supervisors and employees resolve risks together via self-service with the app. The Inphiz dashboard gives the management a complete overview that regulatory compliance is achieved and which competence supply efforts lie ahead. We manage relevant data for increased employee engagement, risk minimization and clear recommended actions to maximize performance.


Enables an effective onboarding with document management and people compliance.

Up to 30% cost savings through effective management and reduced administration 

Guaranteed information security and integrity for all data according to the ISO 27000 standards.

Easier handling of ISO 9001 quality management &
14001 environmental management


Inphiz integrates with the most common production systems used by municipalities and private actors to manage the waste collection. We compile data in dashboards and, in a simple way, display diagrams and tables of relevant KPIs to control and follow up the business. It is easy to drill down into details to follow up on individual route lists. The production units get a simple overview and can act directly to improve production. Deviations of important KPIs that needs immediate handling are automatically captured in the Action board. Our visualizations are available in a dashboard via a web application or on large screens.

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Inphiz accompanies the environmental worker throughout the entire employment, from onboarding to daily work, when changing roles, to offboarding. Inphiz simplifies the entire process and handles all necessary documents such as certificates, policies, code of conduct, introductory and further training, or confidentiality agreements - all gathered in the same portal.

The employee facilitates document management by uploading educational certificates, approvals, or other certificates themselves via the Inphiz app, which saves resources from other administration. In the app, the environmental worker also sees work schedules, contact details, and intranet news. Inphiz creates a holistic overview for the organization's management of all employees, their experiences, education, and skills. With this information, the business can ensure quality by assigning the right staff to the right assignment.


Inphiz provides a coherent view of how the company performs and uses its vehicle fleet by collecting and compiling data from various vehicle systems, such as Fleet Management, Vehicle Master Data.

We measure, among other things, Eco-Driving, idling in and out of depots, fuel consumption, use of electric hybrid superstructures, accidents, costs, and much more. And visualizing the data in simple graphs and tables to find trends and deviations for immediate remediation.

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Inphiz improves results for companies by streamlining the management of production, vehicles, and staff. More time is spent managing and developing the business instead of administering it with manual processes.

Daily management focuses on controllable costs and links financial data with operational figures such as worked time, incidents, maintenance, and more. For example, we show vehicle cost per 100km and total cost per worked hour compared to budget and planned time.

"You don't need to do the ROI calculation, the RPA-project is a good investment and increase out bottom-line"


Per-Eric Bjurenborg, CEO | Urbaser, Sweden

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Download in-depth information for companies within Environment and waste. Read more about how Inphiz can improve the way you work more easily. 

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