Our Mission

We are a company with a mission to change the future workspace and take it to the next level. Inphiz goal is to create a workspace that allows each and every employee to reach his or her full potential that inspires creativity, fuels innovation and builds excitement. We empower employees' work environment by unleashing the power of digitization.

Who are we

We're a proud Swedish company founded by visionary leaders of Avantime . Inphiz Digital Workspace is a spin-off from 15 years of digital experience when served 100's of enterprise.

Some 15 years ago (2003), two creative individuals noticed a big problem in society. Digital products, systems and services are not human-friendly, even though people were their primary users. During 2016, there was a lot of traction of other customers looking for unified experience of silos applications,  a clear 'catch 22' situation waiting for a solution, which is how Inphiz was born. 

Meet Our Thought Leaders

Cedrik Circle copy-1

Cedrik Leijon

Founder & CEO

Visionary thinker &  digital transformation leader. Served a lot of enterprise clients with digital management for over 15 years. Master of Informatics and marketing & communication from Berghs School.

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Rolf Pörkenäs

 Co-Founder - Sales & Partner Manager

Rolf Pörkenäs has 30+ years of experience from various sales and product marketing roles within IT & Media. He has co-founded a number of start-ups e.g. Jobs Place that was acquired by Monster 2000. At Inphiz Rolf is Co-Founder and heads up Sales & Partner Sales.


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Mykhail Galushko

Development lead

Software Developer and Architect with 10+ years of experience. Former MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), but now just working hard to go deeper into customers needs and technology.

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Shikha Sachdeva

Digital Brand & Marketing Manager

Experienced Brand Manager  & Growth Hacker with 10+ years of experience. Pursued Masters in Marketing from Leeds Business School (UK) and has designed, developed & activated strong brand engagement initiatives for Honda & start-ups organisations.


Alex Krakovestkyi

AI lead

Software Developer and Architect with more than 13 years of experience. Ph.D. in Computer Science. Awarded as "Microsoft Regional Director" and "Microsoft AI Most Valuable Professional".


Dmytro Bondarenko

Mobile lead

Software Developer and Architect with 8+ years of experience. Believes that mobility will be everywhere.


Illya Shevchuk

API lead

Software Developer with 5+ years of experience. Focusing on making world available via API.


Why we do, what we do

We know that exciting things happen when employees have the power to work to their full potential. We bring employees and technology together to build a brilliant digital workspace that fosters a culture where every employee gives their best.

What"Inphiz" means?

Inphiz is a combination of two words where In stands for - What's "IN" it for me? And, "Phiz" is an expression of 'How I FEEL?Inphiz Digital Workspace is all about SIMPLIFYING & POWERING employees life and making them FEEL "Valued".



 'Reimagined the Future of Work'

Our Core Values