Delighted Employee Experience

EmployeeExperience (EX) Reimagined: Powering your employees with B2C experience to a B2B human tech experience to your organization.

Empower me

First ever, Unified  Employee  Experience. Empower your workforce with ONE  solution.

Experience No more work disruptions, only lean and streamlined visualization of ”modern employee journey" from onboarding - to in between work - to offboarding.
Inspiring Communication
Build  a culture and stay connected 24*7 with your global workforce.  Bring openness, transparency, leadership voice and emotional connect to build high performing workforce.
Power Engagement-1
Power Engagement
Power engage & share knowledge to fuel innovation through all Groups. Get on top of conversations and discussions in one place and access all information from all your teams and workspaces.​
Task Automation
Automate your business applications that have been integrated with HR-system, Time reporting, Business systems, Enterprise Resource Planning system and more. ​
Quick Translation
Quick Translations
Connect without barriers with your global teams with built-in translator. Inphiz utilizes Microsoft translation services that can be used on any editorial content and for almost any language.
Share Documents
Share Documents
Inphiz powerful technology allows your employees - SPEEDY and EASY access to corporate applications, enterprise documents, e-learning videos from any location worldwide.
Media Gallery
Enterprise Media Gallery
YOUR Internal ”YouTube” channel.  Increase the knowledge sharing amongst employees with your e-learning videos published in enterprise media gallery and empower them with right skills.
Access Productivity Tools
Powering your employees with the business intelligent tools like KPI to drive business towards the same enterprise objectives. EX that allows quick actions to create, share and innovate in your organisation.
Instant Approval
One generic approval stream on a personal level in a secured channel. Get the power of instant approval of invoices, travel expenses, vacations, external accounts  and more.

Empowering & Igniting your enterprise teams   Firstline workers + Desktop workers

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1st Line Workers

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Human Resources


Board & Management

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Powering your workforce with all O365, together with set of fully productivity tools, they need for empowered experience at work. Every employee accesses their own, personalised dashboard for visualising company core values, common goals, individual targets as well as every day actions. 

Workforce spends more time on "Real" work". 



"91% of the business leaders indicate INCREASE in firstline worker performance and productivity when workers are digitally empowered"

Microsoft Report, 2018

Experience the holistic growth & empowerment


Unified Services

  • Aggregation to get targeted information in right time to increase productivity and engagement.
  • Enterprise omni channel experience.
  • Create extraordinary employee journey.

Enterprise Agility

  • Automated & bi-directional processes
  • Greater collaboration and productivity
  • Improved employee retention rates & team morale
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Adapting to your IT

  • Increase value with better ROI from already done investments (Microsoft O365)
  • Built on API Eco system 
  • High Security! Proven Microsoft technology & infrastructure
  • Completely scalable, flexible and giving your employees a modern workspace!
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Powerful Backend Integration
Powerful Backend Integration
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API Eco-System
Highest Security Standards
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