Modern Architecture for a Unified Experience

We modernize your legacy systems and provide a unified experience – without hardware/software overhauls.

Modernize your technology landscape.

Transform and modernize your existing technology to be a part of an agile enterprise. Inphiz modern architecture gives you an opportunity to aggregate all apps and data across all applications—both on-premises and cloud to deliver a unified experience to your employees.

Inphiz is an open persistent SaaS based service layer, ready to integrate with 3rd party applications. It is ready for corporate branding, authentication and high-security by using highest industry standards (Native O365 & Microsoft Evergreen concept). This enables you to implement your bespoke productivity solutions quickly and effectively.

3 layer model

Inphiz three-layer architecture a future proof solution.

Built on API Eco-system

The Inphiz service is an extremely flexible API-driven platform that retrieves valuable data feed from legacy systems, SuccessFactors, ServiceNow and SAP, and MS O365/AZURE resulting in lean processes that involve the entire organization.

Powerful Backend Integration

Inphiz integrates seamlessly with your back-office systems to deliver information, workflows, & processes into one stream. It easily integrates with popular ecosystems, such as Microsoft Office365, SharePoint, SAP and many more.

Highest Security Standards

Empower your employees whilst maintaining the highest levels of security with proven Microsoft Technology & infrastructure. Now IT can be assured that the security of business-critical information is not compromised. 

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Learn how Inphiz platform connects to its services to aggregate information.



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